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Serve at CLPC

Life on Life Opportunities is the way in which we facilitate the Holy Spirit’s work of producing the fruit of love within us. It is the way in which we participate in serving others, but the way in which the Spirit changes us.

We are convinced that no one changes outside of community, relationship and service. As we dive into relationship, we see our sin, are reminded of grace and become a part of what the Sovereign Lord is doing in the lives of others.

The Holy Spirit meets us in the deep end of relationship and transforms us through the gospel of Jesus.

Here are just a few specific ways you can serve:

Worship Team

This group will assist in leading worship.

The purpose of the worship ministry is to glorify the Lord by coming before His throne with humble and Spirit-filled hearts, uniting the body with intentional praise and meditative depth. Contact Julian Russell for more information.

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This team will give oversight and direction as to the financial life of the church.

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Front-Door Ministry

This team welcomes new visitors, as well as members, as they enter the worship facility on Sunday mornings.

This is a critical role in the church as it facilitates the needs of our visitors directing them to the services that most make them feel at peace in our midst. Contact Oliver Burnside to help greet!

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Prayer Team

Contact Julian Russell for more information.

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