Ministry Focus in Yellow Elder Gardens - CLPC Bahamas

Our Ministry Focus Area

As Julian and Christiana Russell prayed about returning to Nassau, they received the Lord’s confirmation to go to Yellow Elder Gardens.

First of all, this community of over 1,000 low-cost housing was designed as starter-homes for families in the 1970’s.

Many of its first homeowners were single-parents, and first-time homeowners. Secondly, the community was named after the national flower of the Bahamas – the Yellow Elder.

In the last 5 years, Yellow Elder Gardens has become a hotbed for many anti-social ills.

Teaching Children in Yellow Elder Gardens - CLPC Bahamas

Our dream is to collaborate with all resident stakeholders, in full surrender to the Holy Spirit, so that we all could realize Yellow Elder Gardens becoming “Golden Elder”.

We are convinced that the vast majority of the residents of Yellow Elder Gardens want a safe and thriving community. Therefore, we were led to work closely with leaders in that community, through the churches, schools, community groups, and neighbors who live and work in Yellow Elder Gardens.

By God’s grace, we want to join those residents in realizing the Yellow Elder Gardens community becoming a template for the holistic development of the entire Bahamas – one community at a time!