Covenant Life Marriage Ministry - Dr. Julian and Christiana Russell in 1981

Marriage Ministry

Current trends among those who profess to be Christian indicate that marriage is fast becoming an act, and not a lifelong event. Marriage also seems to be losing its biblical roots, and many view marriage as a matter of inconvenience!

We hold to what Dan Allender and Tremper Longman teach that:

“Marriage provides a lens into the nature of God’s relationship with His people. Marriage is a paradigm of God’s pursuit, passion, and purpose in creating and redeeming His people.”

Furthermore, the Apostle Paul refers to marriage as “the Great Mystery”– fascinating. We believe that biblical Marriage points to the union between a holy God and His redeemed people.

Covenant Life is passionate about strengthening marriages in our nation – one community at a time. To that end, we host annual Marriage Seminars, weekend retreats, and a proven study-tool, “Re-Engage”. Through this tool, we meet in small groups that are committed to privacy, and the encouragement of all couples to enhance their marriages, by God’s grace.

Covenant Life Marriage Ministry