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Steps to join Covenant Life Presbyterian Church

How Do I Join?


Pray that the Lord will clearly show you where He would have you worship and serve Him.

Whereas we are very confident that CLPC is a church committed to the glory of Christ and His honor in all things, we affirm that we are not the only church in town. The Lord places different people in different churches to accomplish His purpose. Pray that He will make it clear that this is the church family, the covenant community He wants you to join..


Everyone is asked to attend the Inquirer’s Class before joining CLPC.

It is vitally important that you make an informed decision to join. Because of the importance of the Membership Vows, time should be invested in thinking and praying through those vows.


After completing the Inquirer’s Class, you have the option of pursuing membership or not.

If you desire to pursue membership, you are to set up a time with the pastor that he might hear your profession of faith in Christ Jesus. After the successful completion of this meeting, you are to meet with the Session of Elders to again share your profession of faith. At this point, the Session will either welcome you into the membership of the church, or encourage you to think and pray through certain issues of faith. Those entered into membership will respond to the Membership Vows before the congregation at a later date.


Church membership at CLPC involves more than merely having your name on a roll.

Jesus desires that member become an active part of His Body. Every member is encouraged to take the initiative to unite with the church family, to use their Time, Talents, and Treasures to serve, to build relationships, to encourage others, and to become involved in the life of the church.