Youth Ministry

Many have observed that one of the biggest challenges now facing the Church in the Bahamas is the increasing alienation of our youth.

Many young people do not attend churches, nor Sunday School. By God’s grace, CLPC has created a forum for urban youth to be mentored by Christian professional, business men and women, from both the Bahamas and the USA.

We meet on a weekly basis with students at three schools in our ministry-focus area. Through our partnerships with the Girls’ Brigade, Project Limestone, and Mission to the World, we also host weekly, monthly, and annual events and camps that are designed to the following:

Identify and Recruit “Possible” leaders
Determine “Potential”, and “Proven” leaders from this group
Each summer, through our annual camps, we provide the mechanism to recognize and deploy “Principal” leaders
Utilize sound and tested techniques for gifts assessment and evaluation
Cultivate and disciple these Principal leaders for deployment in leadership